Plain Unpunched Chassis



Pre punched chassis, top and back, front plain for any fascia



Example of pre punched chassis showing superb finish




JTM45 Blank Chassis in 2mm Aluminium

with protective film

JTM Blank Chassis with M6 fixings









18 Watt fully punched chassis for combo £22 plus £4 pp to UK

Cut out for laydown PT and stand up OT


We have a range of plain aluminium chassis, punched, unpunched and undrilled for use as a Marshall or other type chassis.

The blank chassis are 508mm (20") long and 152mm (6") wide and 64mm (2 1/2") high. They have a 15mm lip with M6 inserts fitted 100mm (4") from each end.

They are made from top grade Aluminium in 2mm material.

We also offer a prepunched chassis of the same dimensions as the plain chassis, with the front panel left plain for your own faceplate.

Both chassis have a superb finish that resembles brushed stainless steel, when the plastic coating is removed.

All chassis include 4 X M6 chassis inserts.

The transformer hole is cut to suit the standard RS type imperial mains transformer. Available from ValvePower.

The punched chassis is punched for up to 6 of the popular 22mm ceramic 9 pin valves sockets and a 33mm hole for a can capacitor if required.

The plain chassis is 15 plus £4 PP to UK, 8 to most of Europe and 22 for the prepunched (3.50 UK PP)










Introduced due to requests from customers.

JTM45 Blank Chassis in 2mm Top Grade polished Aluminium.

Tear off green plastic coating to keep the chassis clean and aid marking out, until installed.

Superb when unmasked, looks like brushed stainless steel.

Primarily intended for JTM45 Marshall and Variants.

Exact reproduction of standard JTM45 chassis. 

Will also be suitable for any amplifier chassis of these dimensions.


6 1/2"(165mm)


with 3/4"(20mm) end lips

18 1/2"(470mm) Overall length including fixing lips.

We may have this chassis with turned in lips, please contact before ordering.

The JTM45 chassis is £17 plus £3 PP to UK, £8 to most of Europe. (Please contact for multiple postage discount)

Fully punched JTM45 chassis and faceplate sets available from our Ebay listings.

JTM45 faceplates front and rear available see the latest on Ebay listings (link below).




18 Watt Chassis Fully Punched for a combo (valves hanging) same basic dimensions as head chassis at top of page.

2mm top grade aluminium protected by plastic covering until installed.

6 X 22mm B9a valve holes for ceramic valve bases and 33mm hole for can capacitor on bottom.

Plexi Faceplates for standard tremelo or TMB fascia .

See Ebay listing for more detail and extensive range of chassis's:

Click for Link to Ebay chassis auctions and prices.

£22 plus £4 PP to UK.

Pay by Paypal just like safe Ebay payments.