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Welcome to the ValvePower website.
We make vintage spec, point to point board, hand wired,
boutique guitar amplifiers but not at boutique prices.

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Our latest model: The Mark 5 Cage Amp

18 Watt hand wired valve guitar amplifier.
Based on the '60s Marshall 'Lite IIB' variation.
Two inputs with different drive characteristics.
New JJ EL84 and ECC83 valves.
Purpose built 1.5mm steel chassis and cage.
Black resin based powder coated throughout.
Pre drilled board and RS turret tags.
Custom made, imperial sized transformers. Now with VVVR (Valvepower Variable Voltage Regulator) An improvement on a Master Volume. Fitted as standard.

Great tones. Incredibly LOUD. Simple to use.
Hear what your guitar really sounds like.
400 including free Courier delivery in UK - European delivery +£10

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We also sell 'build your own amp' kits, and carry large stocks of high quality authentic & NOS components, such as RS Marshall type holeboard, JJ valves, custom made transformers and rare Mullard Mustard Caps.

Our selection of genuine vintage guitar amplifiers for sale is updated regularly, and contains some truly historic gems.

Please have a look around, check out our audio clips, and feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

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